The Age of Jazz

Wednesday, April 25, 2018 - 10:30

The Arts Society Essex Area is hosting a Day of Special Interest to coincide with the Age of Jazz Exhibition which was sponsored by The Bulldog Trust and The Arts Society at 2 Temple Place from 27 January to 22 April this year.

One hundred years ago a group of American musicians docked in London, bringing with them for the very first time one of the twentieth century’s most important musical genres: jazz, a fascinating blend of rigorous structure, free-wheeling creativity, close- knit ensemble work and improvisation. To tie in with The Age of Jazz exhibition, a collaboration between The Arts Society and The Bulldog Trust at London’s Two Temple Place running from January-April 2018, Sandy Burnett’s lecture covers the early years of jazz from its beginnings through to the start of the Second World War. Drawing on his practical experience both as musicologist and gigging musician, Sandy is able to shed light on jazz from the inside. His illustrations range from early pre-impressions by Maurice Ravel and others and the very earliest jazz recordings through to classics by Louis Armstrong’s Hot Five and the Duke Ellington Orchestra, and the dawn of the Swing Era. 

A booking form with full details can be downloaded here